About Darla

darla-van-horneI have fond memories of being allowed to sit at my Grandmother’s dressing table. She was always beautifully dressed and stepping out to visit or shop meant donning hat, gloves, fox stole and jewels. Grandma’s dressing table was a treasure trove and I adorned myself with ropes of pearls and costume jewellery to excess. My mother, a beautiful woman, still modelled from time to time after having 3 children. Occasionally, I would be recruited to join her in a photo shoot or be the flower girl in a fashion show wedding finale. So I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! In my everyday life I now embody my grandmother’s love of jewellery and my mother’s love of fashion.

darla-van-horne-displayMany years ago, the creative muse beckoned. I began with soft watercolours, moved into home decorating (painting furniture, and window and wall treatments), and then together with my husband designed and built 2 homes. As my skill and confidence in my home arts grew, so too did my passion for creating my own jewellery. Not just using materials on hand, but actually creating my own beads, textures, shapes. I studied. I honed my craft. Friends, family and even strangers began to ask if they could buy a piece I was wearing. I starting to sell at galleries and artisan shows. As demand increased, I needed a bigger workspace. So we built a well-appointed studio for my work. Everything I need is at hand, and through my window I can gaze out at the inspiration of the Sunshine Coast ocean and woods. Now the designs flow. My hands embrace clay, form metal, melt glass, wield tools and torch. I am thrilled by the process and the results.

The goal is to delight the eye. To have someone’s heart leap in the discovery of a treasure one never knew existed.

I invite you to explore my latest works.