Hackett Park Craft Fair Summer 2013

Saturday: After barely sleeping Friday night listening to the downpour of rain and having discovered my new tent was NOT waterproof I went on to have my best day ever in sales for Hackett Park. Thank you to all my friends and customers for stopping by. So many ladies told me how they love the pieces they have bought over the years. Several people were even wearing earrings that I made in the past…fun to see how my designs have evolved! A big shout out to the Hackett Park team for all their efforts and organizing for the Fair.

Sunday: Great Weekend at Hackett Park Craft Fair….so may talented artists to share this space with. Hooray! I managed to make it out to the Power of Paint exhibit as well. Ian Macleod’s work still capture’s my eye. How I wish I could clone myself as I do miss out going to hear outstanding author’s at an incredible Writer’s Festival while showing at Hackett Park. What an amazing place we live in when so many inspiring event’s happen on just ONE summer’s weekend!